My Top 5 Change Data Capture Highlights

In the previous post, we had an overview about Change Data Capture (CDC). But in this one, I would like to go a bit into the detail by highlighting my favorite points of what I observed along this pilot program. Publishers will be automatically generated. In CDC you do not have to care about publishers. …

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Change Data Capture. A quick overview

A couple of months ago I had the chance to collaborate in Change Data Capture pilot program thanks to a workmate. It was a great experience and I felt like a little boy with new toys. Change Data Capture (CDC) caught my attention in DF17. It is a really powerful feature but I think it …

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Platform Events In Action!

Because the best way to explain or understand something is with an example lets finish this blog series with an example. So, imaging the following ludicrous scenario: Our favourite company, Alhambra Developers, has lovely offers in the canteen. The most popular is the Fridays offer, "1€ Pizza Mountain". But to get pizzas at 1€ you need to order …

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