Awesome events in an amazing community

Along the last month, I have participated in 2 Salesforce events. The first one was dreamOle, the biggest community event in Spain what took place in Barcelona this year. And the second has been the Salesforce World Tour in London what I guess is the second bigger official event after Dreamforce.

London world tour 2018

I have to recognize I have been very lucky as I have had the chance to not only attend but also to participate as a speaker. In these events, you have the chance to meet people you follow on Twitter, bloggers you use to read, podcasters, MVPs, evangelist, architects, developers, admins… Well, actually you have the chance to meet the community and this made a big difference for me around a year ago.

Yep, almost a year ago was my first community event, dreamOle 2017 and I really enjoyed it. Until then I did not know how big, collaborative, passionate and friendly is the Salesforce community and this is something I have not seen before in any other professional’s community. I honestly fell in love with Salesforce because of its community. So far it was just a job, but meeting those people, learning from them and notice how much they are always ready to give you a hand with anything made a significant difference. I just can say thank you, Alba, Agustina, Ines, Laura, CarolinaJulio and Carlos (I know there were more of you, but those are the organizers I met the first year). Yes, thank you for picking my session and introduce me to the community.

dreamOle 2018 afterparty
dreamOle 2018 afterparty

I decided then to do not stop and keep sending presentations to community and official events and so, getting more and more involved with this passionate network. And it worked! The same year I was selected to the French touch Dreamin and Dreamforce. An amazing experience!

Dancing with Codey

What I want to say with this is do not be shy! Send presentations to events or at least attend. You will learn, meet awesome people and the most important thing you will enjoy, that’s for sure.

In case you want to be a speaker you do not need to be an expert in all the new Salesforce stuff. Just pick something you know well or something you want to learn about. Study it and make it one of your strongest skills, it’s going to be good for your personal and professional path and I am pretty sure attendees will enjoy the session and learn. It does not matter if the topic it is for beginners, people will appreciate your effort and learn with you… And most probably you also will learn something or get new points of view with your attendee’s questions. Remember this, what is basic for you, can be something new to discover for someone else.

The following worked for me, so I’m sure it will work for you

  • So think about what you want to teach. Something you like will work.
  • Create an attractive title and abstract for the session.
  • Add a couple of jokes and nice picks to the slides.
  • Be clear and interact with your public
  • Repeat, repeat and repeat your session until you feel comfortable with it. Your friends, family, workmates and even pets can always be a help as a friendly public.
  • If you use to hold a pen, a bottle of water or something else in your hands while repeating the session at home do the same in your presentation.
  • Remember you can also present with a friend, so you won’t be on your own on the stage.




PS. want to check my session at dreamOle 18? have a look at this video!!


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